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Kalvehave Maze Park

"Kalvehave Maze Park - a challenge for both children and adults – legs and brain"; that’s the way our slogan goes, and that's exactly what it's all about when visiting us. Mazes are challenging for all ages, and it may not be the adults who find their way through the maze first. Children may be faster, and more spontaneous, where adults will try to use their logical sense, and therefore may get lost. In a maze "the straight way" is never straight.

Kalvehave Labyrintpark is filled with mazes, big games and brainteasers that will test your sense of direction, your sense of logic and doubtless your sense of humor.

Take a break on the terrace and enjoy something from the café, or bring your own picnic basket, but don't expect the children to sit for long.


Dorthe and Carsten Nøhr Larsen

Familien Nøhr Larsen